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Welcome to the OpenTravel Projects Page!

Architecture Workgroup Projects

OpenTravel 2.0 Model Build Project

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  • The OpenTravel 2.0 project has now moved beyond the simple prototyping stage. It is now necessary to build out all the components of the model in order to allow the community to consume the specifications. Several companies (Marriott, Sabre and Amtrak) have already prototyped many of the messages and determined best practices. These best practices need to be reflected in the model that will allow the first generation of new message specifications to be generated. The model is a small series of related XML documents that are consumed by an XML compiler that will render the specification into the publishable XML schema and WSDLs that may be consumed by a developer.

OpenTravel 2.0 Tooling Project

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  • The 2.0 Tooling project will identify and maintain 2.0 tooling requirements to support collaborative development of OTA 2.0 Models that conform to the OpenTravel Model specifications and XML Schema Specifications conforming to the OpenTravel XML Schema [2.0 Best Practices]. The project will also guide the development and contributions of any open source tooling made available to members or the public under license from Open Travel. This project will end when OpenTravel staff/board and the AWG agree that the OpenTravel Model tool has reached a post-beta stage, with an open-source implementation base that allows the tool to be supported by its implementation community and potentially by a staff person within OpenTravel.

Code List Optimization

The OpenTravel Code List Optimization project has four primary objectives:
1) Reduce the complexity and improve the quality of the data in the Code List;
2) Associate supporting metadata directly with code table items;
3) Establish new processes for peer review of code list additions; and,
4) Propose enhancements to the current inline XML-structure defined for the OpenTravel XML Object Suite product.

The key project deliverable is a streamlined Code List with no redundant or illogical entries. Additional deliverables include an enhanced “open list” XML structure (for exchanging both OpenTravel and 3rd-party Code List information in schema products) and converting the Code List from a spread sheet to an online mechanism supported by functionality for searching and exporting—and processes for enhancing and maintaining the integrity of the Code List.

Transport Workgroup Projects

Hospitality Workgroup Projects

Product Automation Project

Expedia and IHG, OpenTravel member companies, have proposed a project to create purpose-built product management messages. These messages will be used to handle the creation, modification and deletion of hotel products that will be used to replace the existing processes that are currently highly manual and asynchronous and are subject to delays and inaccuracies. The HEDNA Connectivity Workgroup has created requirements and has been working with Sandy Angel of OpenTravel to define existing OpenTravel data fields that can be re-used to fulfill these needs.

The goal of this project is to create two new message sets, one push and one pull, to send hotel product information. The creation of these new message sets would allow for hotel companies to send the product information in a standard XML format that can be adopted across hotel companies and their trading partners. This objective would be accomplished by the OpenTravel Hospitality Workgroup collectively creating hotel messages, enhancing the existing OpenTravel hotel message suite, the OpenTravel data dictionary and OpenTravel codes lists with new hotel messages and other message supporting information.

Vacation Rental Project

According to Travel Weekly, the vacation rental market in the U.S. is poised for what industry leaders expect will be explosive growth, thanks to the consolidation of companies offering professional management and marketing of what has traditionally been a highly fragmented product. Currently, only one in 10 Americans has rented a vacation home, according to PhoCusWright research, meaning that the upside potential is thought to be enormous.

To accommodate OpenTravel members that are participating in the vacation rental market, this project would be a two-fold study of the existing 1.0 XML Message Suite Hotel schema to determine a) what existing functionality is common to vacation rentals; and, b) what additional or enhanced functionality is required for vacation rental services and supporting XML objects in the 2.0 XML Object Suite.

Travel Integration Projects

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